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2024.04.09 Meeting Minutes

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Peotone Park District
Tuesday, April 9, 2024


Board Members Present – Shaun Ziems, Lindsay Schweisow, Barb Sim, Aimee Saari
Board Members Absent – Jackie VanOvermeiren
Staff Present – Kelly LaMore, Jeff Eschbach

The meeting was called to order by President Sim at 6:31 p.m. Roll call was taken. Quorum was present.

Correction to the March 12, 2024 meeting minutes, Callahan is spelled incorrectly. Missing an l.

Motion to approve minutes of the March board meeting as corrected by Sim, second by Ziems. Roll call vote Ziems – yes, Schwiesow – yes, Saari – yes, Sim – yes. Motion carried 4/0.

Public Comment – No public comment.

Reports –

Financial Report – President Sim reported that there was nothing out of the ordinary. She is speaking to accounts regarding bookkeeping, payroll, and the annual financial reports in the future. The tax levy was approved.

Compliance/Legal – President Sim reported the handover of Blue Devil Drive is almost complete. We will need to have a special meeting to approve.

Maintenance Report – Jeff reported the flooding has been very bad, Playground Boss is sending the installers to fix the climber. Working on ball fields for school and PBSA, fields would benefit from a top coat.

Managers Report – Kelly reported on the agreement with PBSA. We received a PowerPlay grant from IAPD again this year. The Market in the Park starts May 7, we are planning several summer activities to coordinate with the market, the market has agreed to pay for some entertainment at the events. Summer program planning is wrapping up. We are looking forward to a busy summer.

Accounts Payable and Payroll –

Debit card was stopped due to possible fraud. They have issued another one.

Motion to approve bills and payroll by Ziems, second by Saari.
Roll call vote – Ziems– yes, Schwiesow – yes, Saari – yes, Sim – yes. Motion carried, 4/0.

Old Business –

• New Programs – Kelly discussed park district special events, their benefits and expenses.

• Capital Improvements – Working on capital plan.

• Authorize repairs/upgrades to park facilities – Tabled

• Authorize repairs/upgrades to park equipment – Tabled

New Business –

• Capital Improvement Plan – Tabled

• Approval of $1500 to cover costs of attendance at Parks Day in Springfield by Saari, second by Ziems. Roll call vote – Ziems – yes, Schwiesow – yes, Saari – yes, Sim – yes. Motion carried, 4/0.

• Preliminary approval of Budget & Appropriation Ordinance – Discussion was held on the upcoming budget. Each fund was discussed.

• Schedule Public Hearing on Budget & Appropriations Ordinance – Tabled

• Authorize Public Notice of Budget & Appropriations Ordinance – Tabled

• Updates to Employee Handbook – Need to review and update.

• Park Fundraising/Community Group – Commissioner Saari discussed starting a group of residents who support the park. Could do some fundraising.

• Park Rental Fee Schedule – Discussion held on raising rental fees. Kelly will look into other facilities.

Correspondence/Communications/Petitions – None

Commissioner Remarks –

President Sim reminded the board that board elections would be held in May.
Commissioner Schwiesow thanked everyone for their fantastic work on the referendum.

Motion to adjourn the board meeting at 8:28 p.m. by Ziems. Second by Saari.
Voice vote, motion carried. 4/0.

Respectfully Submitted by:
Kelly J. LaMore, Park Manager

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