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Peotone Park Board Annexes Property, Passes Appropriation Ordinance

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Peotone Park District board members approved annexing properties at a special board meeting Friday evening.

Park Board President Wade Callahan says, “There are certain properties that were annexed into the village but never annexed into the park district.”

Some of those properties weren’t on the village’s tax rolls, either. So, Callahan says, the village has made those corrections over the last couple of years to bring those properties on the tax rolls.

Callahan says, “In doing so, we are the park discovered certain properties weren’t on our tax rolls and/or weren’t annexed into our district.”

Therefore, the board passed seven ordinances to annex 10 parcels into the park district.

Those parcels include the Pearl Dodge property; the Peotone Fire District property adjacent to the Pearl Dodge property; parcels immediately northwest, northeast, and southwest of I-57 and Peotone Wilmington Road, and parcels that are part of the Copperleaf development that never materialized, including east of Corning Avenue, just west of Ridgeland Avenue and on Ridgeland at Peotone-Beecher Road.

Callahan says their borders can be the same as the village’s boundaries, and “by annexing these properties that is what will be accomplished.”

Board members also approved the budget and appropriations ordinance.

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