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2023.12.12 Meeting Minutes

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Peotone Park District Minutes

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Board Members Present – Shaun Ziems, Aimee Saari, Lindsey Schweisow, Jackie VanOvermeiren, Barb Sim

Board Members Absent –

Staff Present – Kelly LaMore, Jeff Eschbach


The meeting was called to order by Vice President Ziems at 6:01 p.m. Quorum was present.


Motion to approve minutes of the November 14, 2023 board meeting by VanOvermeiren, second by Saari. Roll call vote VanOvermeiren – yes, Ziems – yes, Saari – yes, Schwiesow – yes. Motion carried 4/0.


Public Comment – No public comment.

President Sim arrived at 6:05 p.m.


Reports –

Financial Report – President Sim reported that we should be receiving the 9th tax installment soon.

Compliance/Legal – President Sim reported on conversations and work being done with other legal counsel regarding referendum resolution wording.

Maintenance Report – Jeff reported on updated picnic table pricing for composite, Vice President Ziems recommended stain instead of paint. Discussion was held on maintaining the recently updated sand volleyball courts. Jeff updated the board on the broken water main on the baseball field.

Managers Report – Kelly updated the board on Christmas in the Village activities. The park district was well represented with Grinchmas activities during the day and a float in the lighted parade. Kelly also reported on the restroom renovations, winter programs, and the upcoming IAPD/IPRA Conference.

Accounts Payable and Payroll

Motion to approve bills and payroll by Ziems, second by Saari. Roll call vote – Ziems– yes, Saari – yes, VanOvermeiren – yes, Schwiesow – yes, Sim – yes. Motion carried, 5/0.

Old Business

  1. New Programs – Nothing at this time
  2. Authorize Repairs/upgrades to park facilities – Tabled
  3. Authorize repairs/upgrades to park equipment – Tabled

New Business –

  1. Levy Ordinance – Motion to approve Levy Ordinance of 4.99% by VanOvermeiren, second by Ziems. Roll call vote – VanOvermeiren – yes, Ziems – yes, Saari – yes Schwiesow – yes, Sim – yes. 5/0 Motion carried.
  2. Referendum Ordinance – Discussion was held on the need to increase the tax rate to provide for capitol projects as well as maintenance and upkeep of parks and facilities.
    Motion to approve ordinance providing for and requiring the submission of the proposition of increasing the limiting rate for the district to the voters of the district at the general primary election to be held on the 19th day of March 2024 by Schwiesow, second by Saari. Roll call vote – Schwiesow – yes, Saari – yes, VanOvermeiren – yes, Ziems – yes, Sim – yes. 5/0 Motion Carried


Correspondence/Communications/Petitions – None

Commissioner Remarks – Nothing at this time.


Motion to adjourn the board meeting at 7:11 p.m. by Ziems. Second by Saari.

Voice vote, motion carried. 5/0.


Respectfully Submitted by:

Kelly J. LaMore, Park Manager

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