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2024.03.12 Meeting Minutes

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Peotone Park District
Tuesday, March 12, 2024


Board Members Present – Shaun Ziems, Lindsay Schweisow, Jackie VanOvermeiren, Barb Sim, Aimee Saari
Board Members Absent –
Staff Present – Kelly LaMore, Jeff Eschbach

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Ziems at 6:31 p.m. Roll call was taken. Quorum was present.

President Sim arrived at 6:33 p.m.

Motion to approve minutes of the February 13, 2024 board meeting by Sim, second by VanOvermeiren. Roll call vote Ziems – yes, VanOvermeiren – yes, Schwiesow – yes, Saari – yes, Sim – yes. Motion carried 5/0.

Public Comment – No public comment.

Reports –

Financial Report – President Sim reported on the updated financials. Received some information from the county regarding levy. Waiting on final numbers.

Compliance/Legal – President Sim reported that attorney Calahan is working with the school district. We will need to have a special board meeting to approve contract.

Maintenance Report – Jeff reported on the bathroom project, plumbing was completed today. Will be installing partitions on Thursday. Project is almost complete. Summer staff is returning in mid-May. Batting cages have been installed and field work has been ongoing. Working with Playground Boss to fix the climber that was installed incorrectly.

Managers Report – Kelly reported that a submission was made to the county for grant reimbursement for the bathroom project. High School baseball and softball have started. PBSA received the agreement on February 27, waiting on response. Basketball court resurfacing will take place in Mid-May. Programs are going very well. Stained glass has been very popular and three additional classes were added.

Accounts Payable and Payroll –

Motion to approve bills and payroll by Ziems, second by VanOvermeiren.
Roll call vote – Ziems– yes, Schwiesow – yes, VanOvermeiren – yes, Saari – yes, Sim – yes. Motion carried, 5/0.

Old Business –

• New Programs – Discussion held on upcoming summer activities, and an online gaming program similar to Pokemon Go that was a vendor at the IPRA Conference.

• Capitol Improvements – Tabled

• Authorize repairs/upgrades to park equipment – Tabled

• Authorize repairs/upgrades to park facilities – Tabled

New Business –

• Approval of repairs of donated Ford F350 truck not to exceed $14,500.00 by Sim, second by Ziems. Roll call vote – Ziems – yes, Schwiesow – yes, Saari – yes, VanOvermeiren – no, Sim – yes. Motion carried, 4/1.

• Capitol Improvement Plan – Tabled

• Preliminary approval of Budget & Appropriation Ordinance – Tabled

• Schedule Public Hearing on Budget & Appropriations Ordinance – Tabled

• Authorize Public Notice of Budget & Appropriations Ordinance – Tabled

• Updates to Employee Handbook – Discussion held on possibility of allowing for a program fee reduction for staff and commissioners, and the need to review the entire handbook.

Correspondence/Communications/Petitions – None

Commissioner Remarks – Commissioner VanOvermeiren asked about the accessible swing at Westgate. Jeff indicated that the swing was removed last summer because it was damaged. An accessible swing will be moved from another area to Westgate due to a request for one at Westgate.

Commissioner Saari asked about the status of the efficiency committee. Discussion was held on the process moving forward.

Motion to adjourn the board meeting at 8:03 p.m. by VanOvermeiren. Second by Ziems.
Voice vote, motion carried. 5/0.

Respectfully Submitted by:
Kelly J. LaMore, Park Manager

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